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This entry was posted Thursday, 9 April, 2009 at 12:54 pm

This is the obligatory first post to justify my existence on the Internet.

I have never really been into all the “social” trends on the Internet, but my attitude changed a bit when I attended earlier this year. It was pretty cool to see how everyone was using things like twitter, IRC, and blogs in a way I actually thought made sense (and was useful), instead of people just crapping on about their daily existence (which is how i tended to view most blogs). I’ve spent years hanging out on small forums (circle jerks?) and IRC with friends, which has satisfied my needs until now.

So coming away from I decided to try and get into some of the other trends that people are into, and hopefully keep tabs on a few people from the conference. A few weeks back I started on twitter when I found a few friends were using it. I was a little dubious at first because of my dislike of Facebook/MySpace, but twitter works in a completely different and much better way (when it does work). More recently I hae started to find that 140 characters isn’t quite enough to tell people what I really think. So, now I’m starting a blog to help augment my 1 sentence musings.

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