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Hugin Niagara Falls

Thursday, 13 August, 2009

A while back I ran across a nice little piece of software called Hugin, that can stitch together photos to create a panorama. Unfortunately up until recently I have not had a good series of photos I could test it out with. On my recent trip to Canada I decided to take a series of shots at Niagara Falls and see how well the software would go. Here is the result (click on the image to see a bigger version):

Niagara Panorama (Small)

It was a bit overcast at the time, so the light wasn’t great, and my camera was in great need of a good clean (taking it though the mist at the bottom of the falls earlier in the day didn’t help either), but I think the end result is not too bad. All I had to do was select the photos I wanted to stitch together and Hugin did the rest.

Apparently the automatic stitching works best when there are well defined points in the photo it can pick out (ie. photos with buildings), and not so well when there aren’t (ie. photos with trees). If the automatic stitching doesn’t work so well, it provides quite a nice interface for selecting points in the photos by hand, and stitching them together manually.

The interface still needs a bit of work to cater for people like me who can’t be bothered reading the doco, but for the most part Hugin is a very impressive piece of software.

An even larger version of the panorama can be seen here